June 2020 Update

The Thursday article series will focus on reviews of different resources that have benefited me as a self-taught emerging writer.

Book Review: On Writing

This is first in WBD history – the premier non-fiction book review. When I got serious about my writing this year (a resolution you can read about here) I devoured online content about writing. We live in an amazing time. What writing-on-their-lunch-break rags-to-riches writing story 20 years ago could have a virtual college writing course … Continue reading Book Review: On Writing

Less Is More – Remove to Improve

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you’re not alone, that it’s ok if you’re not proud of your first effort. You have the power to make it better. It may be that all you need to do is cut.

Book Review: 1945

I had a phase once upon a time where I consumed the works of Jeff Sharra and David Liss, both of whom delve deep into history or historical settings and twist until all the drama is wrung out. This week’s book does not have the heavy depth of research of a Sharra or the character … Continue reading Book Review: 1945

The Tension of Craft vs Career

I want to contrast two trends of advice for aspiring authors like me, and, if you are reading this blog, like you: the tug-of-war between the craft-focused and career-focused mentality.

Why Write?

Last week, I confess that I struggled to find consistency in my writing. Fellow amateur, fellow aspirant, that should not be. Too much is at stake. Without further introduction, here are 4 reasons why we should write


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